Investment Highlights

  • Management and Directors have decades of combined experience in in resource exploration and development
  • Significant portfolio of Intellectual Property and Know How with a focus on clean extraction and processing technologies for the resource sectors
  • Patents Portfolio includes Nickel, Iron, Gold, Titanium Dioxide & Zinc; Pending: Rare Earth Elements
  • Temas’ Business Strategy is to target partnerships or licensing agreements, with royalty, project level ownership or equity interests
  • Validation: University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute study estimated ORF Technologies Titanium Dioxide (TiO2 ) process would reduce processing costs by over 65% compared to the industry average
  • Cost Benefit: Management believes that it will achieve 30 – 50% cost savings in other minerals
  • Environmental Attributes: Closed-loop processing technology reduces waste by recycling and reusing most chemicals
  • Licensing: Metaleach™ – Exclusive North American & European licensing agreement to develop partnerships on a  proprietary leaching processes
  • Portfolio of advanced exploration and development assets