The La Blache Property comprises 48 claims and covers 2,653.25 hectares of ground approximately 100km north of the community of Baie-Comeau, Quebec. The property is part of the La Blache Anorthosite Complex and hosts the Farrell-Taylor magnetite-ilmenite deposit.

Originally discovered in the 1950’s, various exploration programs have been conducted through the years. The most advanced study results were presented in a 2012 report from SGS. Drilling on the property led to an historic estimate in 2012 at the Farrell-Mason and some satellite prospects, which require further work. Preliminary metallurgical work has also been conducted resulting in high recovery of Iron, Titanium and Vanadium from the Farrell-Taylor deposit.


The DAB property consists of 128 contiguous mineral claims which cover 6,813.72 hectares (68.14km2) of the north shore area of Quebec, which is part of the Grenville Geological Province. The Grenville Province extends for more than 2,000 kilometres in length and skirts the North Shore of the St-Lawrence River. Its width varies from 300 kilometers to 600 kilometers and forms the south east segment of the Canadian Shield.

The Archean rocks of the Superior Province and the Proterozoic rocks of the Otish Basin are separated from the Grenville Province by the Grenville Front. The tectonic fabric of the Grenville is predominantly northwest-southwest trending. The Grenville consists of gneiss domes and basins with complex and irregular structural patterns, intrusive rocks of variable composition, from gabbros to alkaline rocks.