Substitute Nominee to Stand for Election at the Upcoming Annual General Meeting

June 14, 2024, Vancouver, B.C. – Temas Resources Corp. (“Temas” or the “Company”) [CSE: TMAS; OTCQB: TMASF] is pleased to announce that Veronique Laberge will stand for election to the Board of Directors at the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, scheduled to be held on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 (the “Meeting”). The Company announced that Ms. Laberge replaced Rory Kutluoglu as a director of the Company on June 13, 2024.

If elected, Ms. Laberge will also serve on the audit committee.

The Company is relying on the discretionary authority granted to management in the Management Information Circular of the Company dated May 3, 2024 (the “Circular”) to substitute Ms. Laberge as a director nominee in place of Mr. Kutluoglu.

Management of the Company recommends that shareholders vote FOR the election of Ms. Laberge as a director of the Company at the Meeting.

To vote for the election of Ms. Laberge as a director of the Company at the Meeting, shareholders are directed to treat the election boxes for Mr. Kutluoglu on the form of proxy or voting instruction form, as applicable, as election boxes for Ms. Laberge. For greater certainty, all votes cast in support of or withheld from Mr. Kutluoglu shall be treated as votes cast in support of or withheld from Ms. Laberge.

Registered shareholders who have already executed and submitted the form of proxy enclosed in the Circular who wish to change their vote may do so by:

  • Completing a proxy form that is dated later than the proxy form being revoked and mailing, faxing, or emailing it to Odyssey Trust Company, the Company’s transfer agent, so that it is received prior to 10:00 am, Pacific Standard Time, on Monday, June 17, 2024;
  • Signing a written statement which indicates, clearly, that you want to revoke your proxy and delivering the signed written statement to the Company at 309 – 2912 West Broadway Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6K 0E9 prior to 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, on Monday, June 17, 2024; or
  • As otherwise permitted by applicable law.

Registered shareholders that have voted online through may also resubmit their votes by logging in using their control number and password on their proxy form.

A non-registered shareholder (being a shareholder who holds their shares through a broker, investment dealer, bank, trust company, custodian, nominee or other intermediary) may revoke a voting instruction or proxy authorization form given to an intermediary at any time by written notice to the intermediary, except that an intermediary may not act on a revocation of a voting instruction or proxy authorization form that is not received by the intermediary in sufficient time prior to the Meeting. Non-registered shareholders who wish to revoke their voting instruction form or proxy authorization should carefully follow the instructions from their intermediaries and their service companies, including instructions regarding when and where the voting instruction form or proxy form is to be delivered.

Shareholders who have already executed and submitted the form of proxy enclosed in the Circular and who DO NOT wish to change their vote need take NO FURTHER ACTION.

The Circular has been mailed to shareholders and is available for viewing on SEDAR+. Except as described above, the Circular remains unchanged from the version that was mailed to the shareholders of the Company and previously filed on SEDAR+.

Additional Biographical Information Concerning Ms. Laberge

Ms. Veronique Laberge is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holder of the title of auditor. With more than 18 years of experience in professional practice, she specialized in certification mandates, general accounting and has been working as a fractional CFO for multiple public and private companies since 2018.

Ms. Laberge is an independent director under applicable securities laws.

About Temas Resources

Temas Resources Corp. is focused on the advanced La Blache and Lac Brule Iron-Titanium-Vanadium projects in Quebec. The critical metals the Company is exploring for are key to our national mineral independence. Additionally, the Company invests in and works to apply its green mineral recovery technologies across its mining portfolio to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of metal extraction through advanced processing and patented leaching technologies.

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