Advancing Critical Metal projects in Québec







About Our Company

Temas Resources is an environmentally and socially responsible exploration and development company. We have successfully secured innovative mineral processing technologies that are lower cost and eco-friendly compared to traditional processing methods, which we are applying to our exploration projects in Québec.

Why Québec?

Quebec stands out as an ideal location for mining due to a combination of geographical, economic, and political factors. Here are six key reasons that contribute to its status as a prime mining destination:

Diverse Mineral Wealth

The province is endowed with an abundance of minerals, including valuable resources like gold, lithium, and rare earth elements.

Favorable Government Policies

Quebec’s government provides a supportive regulatory environment and financial incentives for mining activities.

Skilled Labor Force

A well-trained and experienced workforce is readily available for various mining operations.

Advanced Infrastructure

The province boasts robust transportation and energy infrastructures, crucial for efficient mining operations.

Research and Development

There’s a significant emphasis on R&D, especially in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly mining techniques.

Stable Political Climate

Quebec offers a stable and predictable political environment, which is essential for long-term investments in the mining sector.

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Our Projects

Our focus is to advance the La Blache and Lac Brule titanium projects through Preliminary Economic Assessment. We are engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties with a portfolio that consists of a mineral claims group which cover the Cote Nord region of Quebec, and proprietary metal extraction technologies.

Recent News

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