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Leadership and Innovation

The company’s management and directors bring decades of collective experience to the table, specializing in resource exploration and development. Their expertise is underscored by a noteworthy portfolio of Intellectual Property and Know-How, specifically centered around advancing clean extraction and processing technologies. Patents covering Nickel, Iron, Gold, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc, with pending patents for Rare Earth Elements, showcase their commitment to innovation in the resource sector.

Strategic Vision

At the heart of the company’s strategy lies a commitment to collaboration. Targeting partnerships and licensing agreements, the business opens avenues for royalties, project-level ownership, and equity interests. The effectiveness of ORF Technologies Titanium Dioxide process has been validated by the University of Minnesota’s Natural Resources Research Institute, estimating a remarkable 65% reduction in processing costs compared to the industry average.

Sustainable Practices

The company’s forward-thinking management anticipates substantial cost savings of 30 –50% in processing various minerals. Their dedication to environmental responsibility is evident through the implementation of closed-loop processing technology, minimizing waste by recycling and reusing most chemicals. Complementing these eco-friendly practices is a portfolio of advanced exploration and development assets, positioning the company at the forefront of sustainable resource utilization.

Company Profile

Temas Resources Corp. engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. Its portfolio consists of contiguous mineral claims which cover the north shore area of Quebec.

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December 31

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Odyssey Trust Company


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Key Highlights


Advancing critical metals projects in Quebec.


La Blache & Lac Brule undergoing ongoing preliminary economic assessments (PEA) studies.

Exploration Upside

Both projects feature undrilled targets in additional mineralized lenses.

Metallurgical Program

Completed in 2022 on La Blache, contributing to resource definition.

ORF Technologies

Company holds 50% ownership of an extraction and metallurgical process portfolio.

Intellectual Property

Significant portfolio emphasizing environmentally conscious mineral extraction and processing.


Cover Nickel, Iron, Gold, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc; Pending for Rare Earth Elements.


University of Minnesota study predicts 65% cost reduction with ORF’s Titanium Dioxide process.