Temas to Commence Pilot Plant Test Work For Titanium Dioxide Production

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 28, 2021 ― Temas Resources Corp. (CSE: TMAS, OTCQB: TMASF, FSE: 26P) (the “Company” or “Temas Resources”) is pleased to announce that it has engaged Process Research Ortech Inc. (“PRO”) to complete pilot plant testing for Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) and Magnetite (Fe2O3) production using the ORF Process for TiO2 extraction,  an effective and economically viable process for the recovery of titanium dioxide and other metal oxides from the La Blache deposit. Temas owns 100% of the Fe-Ti-V Project, and 50% of ORF Technologies. 

The Pilot Plant is scheduled to run under continuous operation for 90 days and in keeping with the environmental benefits of the technology, all reagents will be recycled and reused. Material produced will be utilized for potential customer’s testing.

Titanium dioxide is a white pigment used in over 90% of paint products, to protect surfaces/objects in both consumer and industrial settings. It is also used in many other products such as plastics, textiles, ceramics, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.

Titanium dioxide has excellent light scattering properties and is used in paints to give whiteness, covering power, brightness and durability of colour that cannot be achieved with any other raw material. It has been in use for almost 100 years in both industrial applications and consumer goods.

Ductile and malleable, Vanadium is often used as a strengthening agent for steel in applications such as construction rebar, bridges, buildings, tunnels, automotive parts, aerospace applications, ships, pipelines and many other sectors

PRO has extensive experience in titanium processing, and ORF has several patents issued for the treatment of ilmenite ore and extraction of metal oxides at very high purity and recovery rates. The process has been previously demonstrated for other titanium containing ores from Canada and overseas, and in a publicly published report the technology has demonstrated of over 99.8 % pure titanium dioxide and pure iron oxides at 98.5 % (unoptimized) purity. Link to Report

Comparison of Technologies with ORF Process for TiO2 production

Raw materialHigh cost, rutileLow cost, IlmeniteLowest cost, Ilmenite
($/ton of TiO2 feed)($2000 +)$300$250
TiO2 productHigh valueLow valueHigh value
($/ton of TiO2)~4500($3500 +)~4500

(including front-end)


(including front-end)

EnvironmentalMedium challengesMajor challengesMost environmentally friendly
Flexibility in processing raw materialLimitation (Mn, Mg, size)Limitation (Cr, V)Can process

Process ConditionHigh Temp.High Temp.Atmospheric

ChlorineSulphuric AcidMixed Chloride

(800-1000 0C)(140-180 0C)(70 0C)
TechnologyOldOldPatented, New
End to end in one locationNot practicedPossiblePossible
Pigment productionRutileRutile/AnataseRutile/Anatase
Commercially Proven processIn practiceIn practiceInnovatively applied, will soon be in practice
Environmental challengesDisposal of iron and other byproduct chloridesDisposal of large iron sulphate product and dilute acidMinimum environmental impact, Iron oxide as byproduct
Safety RequirementsHighHighLow

(Cl2 at high and low temperature)(High temperature acid digestion)(no pressurized vessel and low temperature)
chlorine and carbon/carbon containing chemicals at high temperatureChallenges to handleN/AN/A
Energy consumptionHighHighEfficient
Sulfur priceNo effectSubstantial effect

“PRO’s principals have conducted metallurgical test work and developed extraction processes for some of the largest names in the Canadian and international metals and mining industry. They are internationally recognized experts in process and extraction technology development including green extraction technology. They are experts in hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processing” stated Temas’ President and CEO Michael Dehn.

PRO’s existing operations include a laboratory and pilot facilities for hydrometallurgical processing: pilot scale continuous atmospheric leaching system; bench scale titanium and pilot scale stainless steel autoclaves for high pressure leaching with capacity of up to 50 gallons; solvent extraction system consisting of mixer settlers, pulse column and fixed bed and continuous ion exchange systems; lab and pilot scale liquid/solid separation equipped with thickeners and filters; and electrowinning cells for product recovery.

Temas also wishes to announce that it has engaged Northern Equities as consultants to help optimize the Company’s Social Media and Client Outreach strategies.

Additionally, Temas has completed a major website update and encourages stakeholders, investors and technology users to visit www.temasresources.com 

About Temas Resources

Temas Resources Corp. (“Temas Resources”) (CSE:TMAS) (OTCQB:TMASF) (FSE: 26P) is focused on the advancement of mineral independence and the processes in which minerals are extracted in an environmentally friendly manner. Temas Resources invests in and works to apply green technology across its mining portfolio to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of metal extraction through advanced processing and patented leaching technologies. 

Temas Resources is advancing Fe-Ti-V projects in Quebec and soon expects to be active on the Piskanje Boron Project in Serbia with its joint venture partner.

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